Triple Stop - Scotty Anderson - $15


 1. Devilish Mary
 2. Boog's Boogie
 3.Theme from "Perry Mason"
 4. Sweet Sue
 5. Jumpin' Jupiter
 6. Beautiful Maria of My Soul
 7. John Henry
 8. Artistry In Rhythm
 9. Grabbit
 10. Nutville
 11. Love Me Tender

Scotty Anderson, guitar
Scott Risner, mandolin (tracks 2 & 6)
Paul Patterson, fiddle (track 2)
Rusty Burge, vibes (tracks 6 & 10)
Steve Schmidt, piano (tracks 1,3,5) & organ (tracks 4,8,11)
Michael Sharfe, bass (all tracks except 7 & 9)
Randy Winters, drums (all tracks except 7 & 9)
Patrick Kelly, piano (track 11)
Orlando Torres, congas, bongos, guiro (tracks 1,3,5)
and others


 J Curve is pleased to announce release of Triple Stop by guitar wizard Scotty Anderson to launch its J Curve Roots and Blues label. Anderson is legendary in guitar circles for his phenomenal technique and musicality. Although only recorded as leader previously on his 1985 LP “Sleight of Hand”, his career has kept him busy backing up other musicians on tour and in the studio. He also has made a highly regarded Hot Licks guitar instructional video, “Red Hot Guitar”, and teaches in the Cincinnati area. In a style that can be described as “blazing country-bluegrass-jazz”, for lack of a standard category, Scotty blends his driving country picking with an adventuresome harmonic language to display an amazing and unique voice on the guitar landscape. This CD features multiple aspects of Scotty’s musicianship both as composer and interpreter and incorporates several instrumental settings.

Scotty’s earliest musical influences were his family, including his grandfather Virgil, who was, according to Scotty, “one of the great banjo players”. His father Herschel is a fine fiddle player and his brothers are strong musicians as well. “As long as I remember I have been trying to learn the guitar,” he says (in a 1999 interview) with modesty that belies his talent. “I am now 45 and am still trying! One of my earliest memories of music was probably when my dad, uncle and grandpa would play music together. When I was about 13 or 14 I can remember that my dad and I would go to my grandpa’s house in the country and play for dances – the music and dancing was real WILD and we all had a great time.”

A feature article in the March, 2000 issue of Guitar One magazine has cited Scotty as one of “America’s 10 Best Unknown Guitarists”, a designation for which he, hopefully, will no longer be qualified after the release of Triple Stop.


"Then there's Scotty Anderson, from around the Cincinnati area. An incredibly wonderful and unique player most guitarfolk don't even know about, but he is so exciting to listen to, even more to watch, has a 'million' ideas, and leaves other guitar players shaking their heads in disbelief.....If he's not one of the greatest guitar players in the world, nobody is."
Ted Greene, guitarist, from interview in Just Jazz Guitar

"I first heard of Scotty Anderson at a NAMM show where the buzz on the floor was 'Did you hear the guy who sounds like two Albert Lees playing at once?' I saw him for the first time at a guitar clinic in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I drove there during a major Michigan snowstorm and afterwords decided I'd have walked to hear him play - he's that good!"
Dan Erlewine, Guitar Player Magazine

"In writing about music for almost 20 years, I've heard hundreds of great musicians. Until now, I've never applied a particular, overused word to any of them. But there's no getting around it this time. Scotty Anderson is a genius... He not only can do it all, he can do it better than just about anybody has ever done it anywhere. If you've never heard him, then Triple Stop is a good place to start."
Larry Nager, Cincinnati Enquirer

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