¿Donde Estas? - Latin X-Posure $15

A popular band on the Midwest Latin scene, Latin X-posure has delighted dancing and listening audiences for over 3 years with its powerful sound and dynamic stage show. Latin X-posure blends salsa, merengue and other Latin rhythms with contemporary jazz to create a unique and original sound. With members native to Puerto Rico, Mexico, Peru and Cuba, along with a contingent from Cincinnati's famed PsychoAcoustic Orchestra, Latin X-posure presents a fresh approach to Latin music.

Its debut CD, Donde Estas? features salsa, merengue and bolero, as well as Latin jazz pieces, both vocal and instrumental. "Esta Noche Donde Estas?" is a salsa based upon Nocturne in G minor for piano by Frederic Chopin. "I Thought I Heard You Call My Name" is a lovely, passionate bolero in English with an appealing contemporary sound. Latin X-posure's merengue interpretation of Lennon and McCartney's Ob La Dee, Ob La Da is a rollicking party/dance tune. La Luz is a beautiful instrumental with a relaxed Brazilian feel. J Curve Sabroso is pleased to welcome Latin X-posure to its family and proud to announce their upcoming release, Donde Estas?

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Make: CDs J Curve Sabroso
Year: 2000

Price: 15.00