J Curve Cincinnati Jazz Collection, Vol III: The Blues - Various Artisits $15

Why is it that Jazz has always been so closely interconnected with the Blues throughout its own illustrious 100-year history? Yes, the two musics might be considered distinct in some ways, but so pervasive are the influences of the Blues on all American music that we have to recognize it as the primary source of which jazz is a offspring.

Jazz musicians have used the Blues in many guises as vehicles for improvisation. Latin, waltz-time, minor or major, slow or fast, the possibilities are endless.

The J Curve Cincinnati Jazz Collection, Vol. III: The Blues showcases Cincinnati jazz players exploring aspects of the vast jazz/blues repertoire. We've attempted to share with you the richness of the Blues as it intersects with Jazz in the year 2000.


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Make: CDs J Seven Records
Year: 2001

Price: 15.00